BlocFest @ The Climbing Academy, Bristol

BlocFest Finalists @ The Climbing Academy, Bristol

Finalists, Photo Adam Gasson

We found a nice write up of last weekends BlocFest at The Climbing Academy, Bristol. The post was written by Ben West, and is accompanied by some awesome photos by Adam Gasson.

Here’s an excerpt:

There has been a lot of hype about the Blocfest series and now I know the reason why. TCA Bristol hosted the 4th round of the series last Sunday and I think I can speak for everyone that attended that it was an awesome event. The Blocfest team have got it down to a tee, led by the likes of Gaz Parry and Mike Langley, they provide all their own holds, specially made volumes, t-shirts, DJ’s, cash prizes and much more.

The qualifying round is made up of a 25 bloc tour, ranging from “really easy to seriously funky”. Jumps, pops, flicks, you name it they’ve got it. The quality of setting was outstanding with something for everyone. I finished up qualifying in 2nd place to fellow British team member John Partridge who cleaned up flashing all 25 blocs. Unfortunately I clattered my elbow whilst going for a hold on my last bloc. Frustratingly I sent it next go.

We definitely recommend you head over to the read the rest of the write up and check out the photos. Ben West is part of the British Bouldering Team and is a keen photographer. You can follow his blog here –


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